// ============================================== // Timezone Cheat Clock // ============================================== // Version "Echo" (2008-01-24) // // http://www.6times9.com/javascript/cheatclock // // Copyright 2006 Richard Winskill // ============================================== function run_cheatclock(){ cheatclock(19, 06, 59, "", "ksatime", 3); } cheatdays=new Array("Sun","Mon","Tue","Wed","Thu","Fri","Sat","Sun"); function cheatclock(chthour, chtmin, chtsec, chtzone, chtid, chtday){ //Add 1 to the seconds chtsec=chtsec+1; //When seconds reach 60, reset seconds to 0 and increase minutes by 1 if(chtsec>59){chtsec=0; chtmin=chtmin+1;} //When minutes reach 60, reset minutes to 0 and increase hour by 1 if(chtmin>59){chtmin=0; chthour=chthour+1;} //If hour is 0, make hour 24 (easier maths) if(chthour==0){chthour=24;} //When hour passes 24, reset hour to 1. And update day if(chthour>24){chthour=1;} //If hour is before noon or hour is midnight, it's AM; otherwise it's PM if(chthour<12 || chthour==24){ap="am";} else {ap="pm";} //Create "outhour" variable to display a 12-hour time but keep the maths right by remembering 24-hour "chthour" variable outhour=chthour //if(outhour>12){outhour=outhour-12;} //Add a leading zero to seconds a minutes if they are less than 10 if(chtsec<10){secz="0";}else{secz="";} if(chtmin<10){minz="0";}else{minz="";} //Handle Sunday=0 if(chtday==0){chtday=7;} //Update the day at midnight if(chthour>23 && chtmin==0 && chtsec==0 && chtday>0){chtday++;} //If day is greater than 7, reset it to 1 if(chtday>7){chtday=1;} //Convert day-number to day-name if(chtday>0){outday=cheatdays[chtday]+" ";}else{outday="";} //Output the time string to the HTML element with ID CHTID //document.getElementById(chtid).innerHTML=outday+outhour+":"+minz+chtmin+":"+secz+chtsec+" "+ap+" "+chtzone; document.getElementById(chtid).innerHTML=outhour+":"+minz+chtmin+":"+secz+chtsec+" "+chtzone; //Tell the function to repeat every 1000ms (1 second) setTimeout('cheatclock('+chthour+', '+chtmin+', '+chtsec+', "'+chtzone+'", "'+chtid+'", "'+chtday+'")',1000); } //Handle other window.onload's var prevonload=window.onload; if(typeof(prevonload)=="function"){window.onload=function(){prevonload();run_cheatclock(); }; }else{ window.onload=function(){run_cheatclock(); }; }