15 Dhu al-Hijjah 1445 - 22 June 2024
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GEDS ‍Global EXPO for Education Industry, and Technology

GEDS ‍Global EXPO for Education Industry, and Technology

24 - 26 May, 2023 from 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM (GMT+3)
Jeddah Hilton AlQasr Hall , Jeddah
Phone: 96541777600
Contact Person: CEO- Eman Khankan
Phone: 00966554174414
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GEDS” Exhibition will be held in the Jedd Hilton Hotel at the big Hall, May 24-25-26 2023.

Host suppliers and service providers of the education and Technology sectors support the government and private sectors.

Because of the changes that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is undergoing under its wise leadership, and believing in the 2030 vision and its defined objectives, including the development of the education sector and its support, the idea of GEDS  (Global Exhibition of Educational Development and Support) emerged to keep abreast with the pursuit of achieving and supporting this vision.

As a result of an analysis and scrutiny of the requirements for the educational sector and the factors that contribute to its development and success, the GEDS team has planned to bring supporting sectors and companies together on a common platform in order to establish direct communication with these companies.
ًWhy GEDS ?
1) Supporting the 2030 vision and Saudi new projects in a way that fulfills the Kingdom’s strategy for national transformation through the development of the educational side in the Kingdom.
2) Creating an attractive environment for investors.
3) Shedding light on the essential Educational and EducatinTecnology industries and support facilities to attain more developed ones.
4) Providing support for the development of the private education sector for its significant role in fostering public education and scientific progress side by side.
5) Introducing decision-makers and familiarising them with interested institutions, companies, and centers that support and develop education, allowing them to build strategic relationships and achieve continued support operations that promote education through its various mechanisms.
6) Identifying smart technological devices and innovative solutions and using them to develop education and its institutions.
7) Access local supporting services supporting the education sector and tailoring them to meet educational needs.
8) The identification of advanced products and industries related to educational environments, such as properties, offices, and school furniture, educational tools, sports equipment that supports physical activity, security and safety gear, canteens, sterilization devices, and others that allow students to grow in a suitable environment that meets all of the current advances.
9) Identifying the latest trends in educational curricula and programmers for local and international schools. Becoming aware of the newest learning instruments that help develop teaching.
10) Allowing direct communication of students’ parents with several learning centers simultaneously and familiarizing them with the curricula to choose what suits their children.
11) The exhibition includes several workshops that allow the meeting of the most significant segment interested in education development to discuss innovative solutions and the possibility of their implementation in updating the education system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Rafaha Event Management
Rafaha Event Management
Contact Person: Eman Khankan
Website: Click Here
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