12 Muharram 1446 - 18 July 2024
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The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing

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The goal of the ministry to provide housing in accordance with the appropriate options appropriate to the needs of citizens, and in particular the following: Facilitate citizen access to housing facilitator takes into account the quality within the limits of his income at the right time of his life. Increase the proportion of home ownership. Encourage private sector participation in and support the activities of the various housing programs. Raise the proportion of housing supply various kinds. -Some Of the functions of the ministry: Exercise all the tasks and functions related to housing. Assumed direct responsibility for all matters relating to the territory of housing in different regions of the Kingdom. The preparation of a comprehensive housing strategy for the Kingdom of modernization and development, and increase them for adoption in accordance with the statutory procedures followed. Propose rules and regulations, policies and private organizations actively Housing and propose amendments thereto, and in conformity with the national strategies adopted in this regard, and those policies and regulations all about: the mortgage, and the rights of tenants, landlords of residential units, and public housing, and public housing, and the development of land for the purpose of The establishment of housing projects on them. The development of various programs and sufficient to provide adequate housing for middle-income and below, and in accordance with the standards and substantive considerations in this regard specified by the Ministry.

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