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Eye of Riyadh
Healthcare | Wednesday 9 August, 2017 12:12 pm |

CBAHI conducts the 3rd Healthcare institution orientation program (HOP) on the national standards of hospitals, in Riyadh


The Saudi Center for Accreditation of Health Facilities (CBAHI) organized the 3rd version of the Healthcare institution orientation program which educates the trainees on the national standards that should be applied in the Saudi hospitals.


Lasted for 2 days, the Program was held at the Faculty of Medicine in King Fahd Medical City in Riyadh, with the participation of 176 health practitioners and health facilities’ medical specialists of different fields of specializations, in addition to representatives of 23 hospitals in the Kingdom. The Program accredited some particular specialties including the Leadership, Quality Management, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Laboratories, Infection Control, and Enterprises Security and Safety. Candidates were selected based on their competences, capabilities and willingness to work with the hospital management to apply the national standards.


Commented on the event, Dr. Salem Bin Abdullah Al-Wahabi, Director General of the Saudi Center for the Accreditation of Health Facilities (CBAHI), said: “The main objective behind CBAHI’s interest in applying the national standards is to shift the level of health care provided to patients to the utmost highest degree. This will help improve the health-care quality in the medical facility they consult. The Healthcare institution orientation program is one of the vital programs that enrich the health providers with the basics of national standards that should be found in each health facility in the Kingdom”.


Participants of the Healthcare institution orientation program have shown their full interaction and engagement during the Program’s sessions, where the focus of discussion was put on CBAH’s vital role to raise the level of health standards all over the Kingdom. Some participants praised the CBAHI’s relentless efforts to upgrade the level of quality and safety by supporting the health facilities to strictly abide by the health accreditation. This can help improve patients’ health outcomes in the Kingdom.


For his part, Dr. Hamad Al-Salhi, Director General Assistant for Planning and Development, pointed out the CBAHI’s commitment towards the values that supposed to be found in the health care sector, the most important one is the humanistic dealing with the patients, in compliance with the national standards of the Kingdom’s health facilities. “CBAHI aspires to create an idyllic climate, enabling health care professionals who are committed to the health accreditation standards, in addition to delivering high-quality medical services”.


Dr. Majda Abdulhadi Shugdar, Assistant General Director for Accreditation, stressed on the importance of the field visit for accreditation which is carried out by a team of qualified and credited surveyors. The activities included in the visit aimed at ensuring the availability of quality standards and patient safety, through unified work mechanisms approved by the hospital management and being communicated to all workers and medical staff, especially the doctors, nurses and other health-relevant personnel. The visit is also intended to endorse the accuracy and completeness of documentation in the medical files due to the importance of these files as a unified mean of communication amongst health practitioners. Some visits are made to most of the units in the health facility, in addition to conducting interviews with different cadres to ensure that workers are aware of the procedures and policies of the work and they are well trained to apply them on a constant basis, whether in the field of health care, patients safety, infection control or the safety of the facility in general. During the visit, the main focus is put on verifying the workers’ certificates and competencies before they involve in their tasks. An integrated system was built to grant the clinical privileges to all physicians, and to help ensure that the physicians perform their medical duties in an effective way, based on their scientific and practical competence”.



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